Your dating profile pictures are THE most important part of your online dating profile. Are they working hard enough for you attracting the quality attention online that you want or could you be doing more? Ask Me Anything. #AskSaskia

Saskia Nelson
Mar 15, 2018

I'm Saskia and I'm on a mission to rid the world of bad dating photos. 

2018 is the year of good quality dating profile photos! Having a really good set of profile pictures for your online dating profile is going to be a 'must have' not just a 'nice to have' if you want to attract some seriously good-quality attention to your dating profile.

If you want to know some simple tips for making your photos stand out online or what the score is with selfies or why using photos that are a few years out of date is the biggest dating no-no after 'ghosting', then hit me up.

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What kind of services does your agency provide?
Mar 21, 6:28PM EDT0
If someone posts a really beautiful profile picture of themselves, do you think it makes them less approachable?
Mar 21, 3:36PM EDT0

What kind of picture do you believe qualify to be of quality and east to get attention?

Mar 21, 9:33AM EDT0
What is the weirdest thing you have seen on someone’s phone?
Mar 20, 10:55PM EDT0
What options, do you think, would come up if you could “right-click” people?
Mar 20, 5:24AM EDT0
Do you encourage the use of filters or editing apps to make a photo more attractive or do you consider it a form of deception?
Mar 20, 1:32AM EDT0
What is your favorite way to meet new people?
Mar 19, 5:56PM EDT0
Are there security precautions a person can take when posting their picture online?
Mar 19, 4:40PM EDT0
What is something you learned recently about dating that you really should have already known?
Mar 19, 5:36AM EDT0
What is the meaning behind the name for your agency?
Mar 17, 12:13PM EDT0
What was the worst phase you went through?
Mar 16, 3:32AM EDT0
What do you think constitutes as a bad picture for a dating app?
Mar 15, 6:43PM EDT0

My pet hates are:

- more than one person in the shot - it can be confusing and can easily put people off checking you out. also it can take too much time to find the person they're looking for. You don't have much time to make an impact, people make decisions about whether to check out your profile in a fraction of a second.

- messy backgrounds that distract people. The background should add value to the shot - e.g. could be some eye catching colour, or it could be something that tells people more about who you are

- poor quality images - poor quality photos attract poor quality dates, you're sending the message that you don't value online dating or that you're not that serious about finding love. Good quality photos attract good quality dates :)

- where you can't see the face clearly, people want to know what you look like. 

- where you can't see the eyes (sunglasses, red eye etc) the eyes are the first place people look and they make an initial decision about whether they can trust you based on your eyes.

- studio shots (desperate)

Mar 16, 9:19AM EDT0
When you’re home, what is your usual day to day life like?
Mar 15, 9:21AM EDT0

My main focus every day is ensuring our current clients are happy and our photographers are happy - that then makes me happy. I spend most of the rest of the time focusing on building the brand and making it appeal to our future clients. 

Mar 15, 1:04PM EDT0
You have been in the buisness for quite few yeasr now? How has Hey Saturday evolved as an dating photgraphy agency?
Mar 15, 9:13AM EDT0

I want to build a fun, global brand that is known for helping people find fun, love and good times online.

Mar 15, 12:59PM EDT0
Why do you think online dating is getting more popular every year?
Mar 15, 8:49AM EDT0

Online dating is a growth industry because it's easy to use, affordable and can connect you to all kinds of people no matter where you are or what you're into. It's exciting to have this kind of connectivity at your fingers. I think there may be mini backlashes though every now and again as people get fed up with Tinder admin, dating fatigue, being treated badly etc and turn to dating in real life. But online dating will always be there in the background for when they've got over their online dating burnout. 

Mar 15, 12:58PM EDT0
What has been the success rate of "Hey Saturday"?
Mar 15, 7:55AM EDT0

We have a great success rate and if you head here, you can read what some of our clients are saying about us

Mar 15, 12:52PM EDT0
Where is Hey Saturday based? In which areas do you provide your services?
Mar 11, 12:58PM EDT0


Our HQ is in London but we offer shoots in:







New York City

Mar 15, 12:51PM EDT0
Does following specific tips when taking a selfie make you more likely to gain popularity on dating sites?
Mar 11, 10:16AM EDT0

This answer is going to sound sexist and ageist but it's not coming from me, it's from research, but only women in their twenties should be using selfies on dating sites. Anyone else doing it, should stop right now as you'll be putting off lots of people. 

For those women in their twenties, you can use selfies but make sure they are well lit, in focus and make you look good. Also avoid messy backgrounds. Men like selfies for women in their twenties as they tend to create a sense of intimacy which appeals to guys. 

For guys, however, be warned women aren't into men with selfies at all 

Mar 15, 12:50PM EDT0
What drives you to rid the world of bad dating photos?
Mar 11, 6:23AM EDT0

Hey Maja

Great question :)

I saw so many bad profile photos and as a creative who worked in marketing I understood what a wasted opportunity this was. We live in a visual age and crave a richer visual experience online and I believe this should most definitely extend to the world of online dating. After all, finding the one you want to end up with is probably the most important thing you're going to do in life. 

Mar 15, 12:48PM EDT0
Do you think photos are more important than the description in the profile?
Mar 11, 5:38AM EDT0

Oh absolutely. Heck yes! I mentioned in an answer below, that there is some OK Cupid research which says that more than 90% of what people consider when deciding if to check you out or not is about the photos. It's absolutely critical that you have good quality photos that make you look good and help you stand out if you want to attract good quality attention online. It's not much different to meeting someone in real life. When you want to impress, you dress up and make the effort so you need to do the same in your profile photos.

Mar 15, 12:45PM EDT0
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