What if the Fruitcake lady were alive today and you could AMA?

Feb 25, 2018

Ruby - TedX Speaker, previous eHarmony Matchmaker/Coach, current dating coach for the good guys (aka your modern day 'Hitch') - AMA about dating!

From 50 to 80 and beyond, we have needs for intimacy and closeness. Sex, dating and long-term relationships - Ask me anything!

Ask Me Anything about how to remove subconscious blocks to love, why affirmations don’t work, and why you’ve been struggling to have the love you want. We’ll share our tough love answers. #DatingAMA

Feb 26, 2018

Going through a breakup or having relationship problems? Ask me anything! I'm a Breakup & Relationship Coach. #AskTrina #AMA #DatingAMA #LoveAMA

We are Monique and Dylan, newlywed Australians who've been gallivanting around the world for almost two years, on our endless worldwide honeymoon! We're 3 continents down with 4 more to go and now make a living online! Want to know how we can afford to travel the world? AMA!

Mar 1, 2018

I'm a professional matchmaker for busy singles. Ask me anything!

Mar 2, 2018

With Valentine's day behind you, are you feeling more ready to meet someone now than ever? Ask Me Anything about matchmaking, dating, attraction, or how to get the match you've been looking for.

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