I'm a dating coach with 50 years of dating experience and single life under my belt. Ask me anything!

Treva Brandon Scharf
Mar 6, 2018

Treva Brandon Scharf got married for the first time at 50, and is an authority on dating, being single, and finding love later in life. With her tools, tips, and tough love, she can show you how to conquer singledom and triumph in love. 

Check out her blog, The Late Blooming Bride www.thelatebloomingbride, and tune in to her radio show, DONE BEING SINGLE on VoiceAmerica www.donebeingsingle.com

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Do you offer any dating sessions to clients that are interested in hearing your dating tips and tools?
Mar 9, 8:40AM EST0

Hi Beth, yes I offer private consultations and dating coaching.

Mar 9, 12:09PM EST0
Do you believe in love at first sight? If yes, then why?
Mar 9, 3:43AM EST0

Absolutely I believe in love at first sight, but it's usually intense attraction or infatuation, not real love. 

Mar 9, 12:12PM EST0
What is your thoughts about online dating sites? Have you personally used any online dating sites within your 50 years of dating experience?
Mar 9, 12:47AM EST0

Dating sites came on the scene about 20 years ago, and I took full advantage of them when I was single. Dating sites are great; they help you meet people, expand your social horizons, and build your confidence. But they're not everything. You still have to make an effort to meet people in the real world, and ususally, those are the best kinds. 

Mar 9, 12:15PM EST0
Do you enjoy being single? If so, what do you enjoy most about it?
Mar 8, 4:28PM EST0

I'm not single anymore. Got married for the first time at 51 in May 2014. 

Mar 8, 4:34PM EST0
If you were only allowed to ask a date one question to determine whether they were compatible with you, what one question would you choose and why?
Mar 6, 7:13PM EST0

When I was single, the first question I asked a guy was, "Did you have a good relationship with your mother?" If I was single today, I'd ask the same question, followed by "Who did you vote for?" 

Great question Luis, thanks!

Mar 6, 7:17PM EST0
What are some of the routines and conventions you have for relationships?
Mar 6, 3:55PM EST0

This is a tough question since I was never a long-term committment person until I got married almost four years ago. In terms of routines and conventions, I'd say mutal respect, consideration, and affection are things we practice on a daily basis. I highly recommend it!

Mar 6, 5:00PM EST0
What was your favourite radio station to listen to when you were a child and what was it about the station that you enjoyed the most?
Mar 6, 3:31PM EST0

I'm one part classic rock fan, one part classic soul and funk. Growing up in Los Angeles in the 70s was a great place for both. KLOS and KJLH were my go-to stations. 

Mar 6, 5:01PM EST0
In your opinion, what is one of the biggest blunders singles make early in a relationship?
Mar 6, 10:34AM EST0

The single greatest blunder singles make early in a relationship is NEEDINESS. Being too clingy, losing one's independence, and needing constant reassurances from your partner will suck the life out of a new relationship. Thanks for the question Derek!

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Mar 6, 5:03PM EST0
What has been some of you best experiences when working in a master control room of your radio show?
Mar 6, 10:22AM EST0

We do our internet radio show from our home office, no control room needed!

Mar 6, 5:04PM EST0
When writing your blog, what process do you use to edit your work and ensure it is free of grammatical and spelling errors?
Mar 6, 9:49AM EST0

Other than spellcheck, I have my husband proof-read and edit. He's an annoying perfectionist, but it works! Try to have someone else with a fresh pair of eyeballs read your stuff. 

Thanks for asking Maricar!

Mar 6, 5:58PM EST0
What are some of the reasons you pursued a career that incorporated radio hosting with relationship advice?
Mar 6, 8:17AM EST0

I dispense dating/relationship advice in my blog, The Late Blooming Bride, and it was a natural next step to create a radio show out of it. I already have a voice and a viewpoint on dating and being single, radio allows me to express it even better. 

Thanks for asking!

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Mar 6, 5:06PM EST0
What is the one truth that has held constant throughout your career and why?
Mar 6, 6:14AM EST0

The one truth about my ENTIRE LIFE, not just my career, is that nothing stays the same (except my 50-year single status, that took forever to change). Jobs have changed, boyfriends have changed, now what's constant is being married, and writing about it! 

Thanks for asking, Behko!

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Mar 6, 5:09PM EST0
What has been the strangest date you have personally experienced and how did you handle it?
Mar 5, 5:48PM EST0

I was on a first date with a guy who got a flat tire as he was driving me home. He was driving a beat-up old VW. We pulled over, and he insisted on changing the tire. As he was reaching into the trunk, he got stung by a scorpian that was hiding in the tire. I spent the next few hours with him in the emergency room, never saw him again. 

I always enjoy answering this question! Thanks Celina!

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Mar 6, 5:14PM EST0
What type of equipment have you used to transmit and receive information, and why did you choose this equipment to work with?
Mar 5, 5:28PM EST0

Neumann TLM107Neumann BCM705Focusrite 2i2iPad 2 w/Sound Byte app (for sound effects). My husband works for Sennheiser, he chose the equipment. We broadcast from our home office. 

Last edited @ Mar 6, 5:59PM EST.
Mar 6, 4:57PM EST0
How should one incorporate search engine optimization into one’s blog post writing and in what ways is SEO beneficial to online writers?
Mar 5, 5:21PM EST0

I'm embarrassed to say that SEO is not my strong suit! So sorry Lara!

Last edited @ Mar 6, 6:00PM EST.
Mar 6, 5:15PM EST0
How is dating different from being in a relationship? Is dating coach and relationship coach not the same? What are the differences?
Mar 5, 5:14PM EST0

Great question. You date until you find someone you want to be with, then you both stop dating and start a relationship together. A dating coach will help you find potential partners; a relationship coach is usually a counselor or therapist, who helps couples. 

Mar 6, 5:19PM EST0
What would you consider to be one of the funniest experiences you have heard during your radio show regarding relationships?
Mar 5, 3:55PM EST0

Hi Anna, our radio show is only three weeks old, but here's a funny thing that's been happening. Everyone that comes on our show ends up going on a date with a listener! There's some hooking up happening on DONE BEING SINGLE!  www.donebeingsingle.com

Last edited @ Mar 6, 6:00PM EST.
Mar 6, 5:20PM EST0
What style and tone do you use to write posts for your blog in order to appeal to your specific target audience and why do you believe these choices are the most effective?
Mar 5, 1:39PM EST0

Excellent question Milos. My blog writing style and tone are HONEST. I don't hold back. I don't sugar coat. I am truthful and open with my life, my experiences, advice and opinions. The truth resonates with my audience, especially because I write about the struggles of being single and finding love later in life. Thanks for writing me!

Mar 6, 5:26PM EST0
What is it about the dating and radio industry that motivates you to continue with this course for your career?
Mar 5, 12:52PM EST0

Thanks for asking, DIPA. Everything about the dating world makes for great radio: sharing stories, anecdotes, tips, advice, interviews, etc. Everyone can relate, and it feels like a community. Radio as a medium makes it spontaneous, intimate, and a bonding experience for listeners. 

Mar 6, 5:30PM EST0
What are some of the copyright laws that pertain to bloggers and how should one attribute sources and obtain images to use on blogs?
Mar 5, 10:49AM EST0

I play it safe, and share the credit/source material as much as possible. I quote people, and include their links. I give photo credit, or most often, I purchase my images on Shutterstock, or other stock image companies.  Not sure about copyright laws, but I did trademark my blog and radio show titles. Thanks for asking, Peter!

Mar 6, 5:33PM EST0
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