I tried to date people from each sign of the Zodiac to practically see how compatible I, as an Aquarian, really was with them! Some crushes, dates, relationships and blunders later, the Zodiac fever has cooled down. But, I still like to know people's zodiacs just for fun! Ask Me Anything!

Shreya Gupta
Jun 3, 2017

Being observant and curious is fun sometimes. As I read more and more about zodiacs, I couldn't help but notice these strange yet cool similarities. My curiosity helped me make new friends too! Never judged, always loved the quirks! So, what's your zodiac?

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Do you only date men?

Jun 4, 11:47PM EDT0

Yeah that's right.

Jun 4, 11:51PM EDT0

What did your friends think of this dating method?

Jun 3, 11:05AM EDT0

Hey, well they were the ones who actually pointed out the fact that I had really dated people from various signs. There was initially a little apprehension, they were concerned how this would turn out, or if they had put any weird ideas in my head. But, since this discovery did not lead me to doing anything stupid, it was fun and cool. Though they do ask me for dating advice now! :)

Jun 3, 1:08PM EDT0

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining my AMA and asking me some very interesting questions! :) Just to clarify -- this wasn't a social/dating experiment. I met and dated some very wonderful people in the last 6-7 years and they happened to be from different Zodiacs.

Keep posting more questions and experiences here and AMA! Good day! :)

Jun 3, 10:57AM EDT116

Very informative, keep experimenting on men, they deserve it ;)

Jun 3, 12:20PM EDT0

Haha, don't know about experimenting, but this was certainly fun! :)

Jun 3, 1:05PM EDT0

What was the worst reaction you had from a date when you asked about their Zodiac sign?

Jun 3, 7:32AM EDT0

Hey there! I never really got a terrible reaction ever. Knowing someone's birthday is enough to know about their sign, so I only had to ask for their birthdays really. And if ever we did get to talk about zodiacs, some laughed it off, some got curious, and some just were as into them as me. So, not really many bad reactions as such.

Jun 3, 9:33AM EDT0

Would you do anything differently knowing what you know now?

Jun 2, 8:54PM EDT0

Umm.. I'd say I would not have gone out with certain people, not because of the zodiac thing, but in general. Other than that, I don't have any regrets, there were some fun times too. I would never be that adamant to know about someone's sign now, my curiosity has been well satiated!

Jun 3, 9:35AM EDT0

Did you find that any certain Zodiac signs were more into you than others?

Jun 2, 8:23PM EDT0

Hey Tracy! As a matter of fact, yes, that did happen! There was instant chemistry and good vibes from Aries, Sagittarius, and Libra mostly. The connection was instant and those dates have stood out as my best ones so far! Zodiacs tell me that I should have had a gala time with Gemini as well, but, that didn't really work out so well. Doesn't always go according to the rule book! :p

Jun 3, 9:38AM EDT0
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How did you make sure to date someone from every sign?

Jun 1, 11:11PM EDT0

Hi! Well it actually did not start like that. I just happen to have a huge social circle. I never intended to date anyone only for their zodiac sign! It just so happened that I mostly got a chance to go hit the town with someone from a different sign. And being my observant and curious self, I tried seeing how correct or incorrect things written and said about zodiacs are. 

Jun 3, 9:42AM EDT0

Which signs were your best and worst experiences? Did you notice patterns between the elements they are associated with by group?

May 31, 11:51PM EDT0

Hey Falicia! I would have to say, I had the best experience with Aries and the worst with a guy who was a Virgo. It was more about their personality than what the books told me. I have some very close Virgo sign friends, and I am not judging anyone by their signs, but, this one date and guy was a complete disaster personally. No matter how into some quirky thing you're into, its your experience that will really stay with you. That's what happened with me too!

Jun 3, 9:46AM EDT0

Did learning someone's sign ever change the enthusiasm on a date?

May 31, 7:35PM EDT0

It did put a little flurry doubt in my head at times, but nothing potent enough to make me walk out just on basis of that! My enthusiasm did only wear off when the company was really boring or there was no trace of chemistry or interest altogether!

Jun 3, 10:33AM EDT0

Did anyone ever know you were dating them just to date someone from their sign?

May 30, 12:50AM EDT0

Hey! So, many people are under the impression that this was a pet social experiment, but it really wasn't. Once the dating scene begun, I happened to go out with guys from different zodiac signs. This detail was registered quite late, around the time when I had already dated guys belonging to 8 different signs. So, I myself wasn't aware of the fact to let the guys know what I had accomplished. :p I never really dtaed anyone just to date someone from that particular sign.

Jun 3, 9:49AM EDT0

Did a poor Zodiac match ever cast a negative light over a date?

May 29, 10:45PM EDT0

Well, I never let a page highlighting "signs least compatible with" dictate my dating life. I chose to go ahead with things when they seemed right to me. I would say I was warned by books and articles to stay away from Capricons and Scorpios, but I remember having a blast with them no less! It was only a failed Virgo-Aquarius connection that has ever been a regret. Otherwise, zodiac match or not, if the company is good and fun, there cannot really be negative or dull lighting! :)

Jun 3, 9:53AM EDT122

What was the spookiest or most supernatural seeming thing that happened on one of these dates?

May 29, 8:58PM EDT0

There was one guy I dated who happens to be a Libra, and his actions and behavior resembled so much to the description of Libras by Linda Goodman! We went out more than once and the minutest details that the books talked about, like his eating habits and decision-making process, were so relatable and apparent that I did freak out a little! He did get phenomenally confused when presented with more than one options for something and something as easy as ordering an ice-cream was a humungous task for him, just like the books said. He was a fun guy nevertheless! :p

Jun 3, 9:59AM EDT141
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Did you notice any trends with certain signs?

May 29, 7:41PM EDT0

I did, in fact, some behavioral traits are very prominent if one looks closely. It's almost uncanny how two people from the same sign can be so similar in some regards and yet so different in others. There are only a couple of signs that I dated more than 1 guy from, so I can only tell you about that. I dated 3 Aquarians and all 3 of them were so intellectual that equally stubborn that I was actually spooked a little at this observation.

Jun 3, 10:07AM EDT0

Which Zodiac sign did you have the best luck with?

May 29, 5:43PM EDT0

Best luck? If you mean the best time with I would say, Aries, Sagittarius, and Libra! Though these guys weren't the only ones that I had good times with. Some signs like Capricorn were a fresh relief and surprise that literally stunned me! 

Jun 3, 10:09AM EDT0

What advice do you have for others just starting dating?

May 29, 11:35AM EDT0

Hey there! Wow, advice! :) Well, just remember to be yourself, that is the most important thing you know! Be safe and always remember to have fun. If something feels forced, just trust your instincts and move on. Hope that helps! Just make memories and great friends along the way! :)

Jun 3, 10:11AM EDT0

Do you still like it when you meet someone and your signs match up well?

May 29, 9:31AM EDT0

Hey Sarah! I would answer your question this way -- I always like it when there is an instant connection! Signs may or may not match, but if the connection is there, just throw the rulebook away! Though, if you are aware of the fact that your sign is compatible is compatible with the person in front of you, you do feel more confident of things working out. But, it doesn't really assure anything!

Jun 3, 10:15AM EDT0

Did any of your relationships get serious?

May 28, 10:03PM EDT0

Hey Gregg! Yes, they did. Like every person who dates, I too met some wonderful people and fell for them. :)

Jun 3, 10:16AM EDT0

Are you in a committed relationship now? Do your signs match well?

May 28, 9:39PM EDT0

No, not currently. The traveling nature of my work makes it difficult. 

Jun 3, 10:17AM EDT0

Would you want a date to analyze you by your sign?

May 28, 3:49PM EDT0

Hmm...I have never really "analyzed" or judged anybody on the basis of their sign or otherwise. I just happened to date various people belonging to different signs and observed some striking and vivid details. 

However, it's a personal choice, and if somebody does that I would honestly not like it since I do not judge people either. At least being aware of this analysis would be better. Hope that answers your question. :)

Jun 3, 10:21AM EDT0

When did you typically ask people for their sign?

May 28, 7:36AM EDT0

Hey! Well, I never really asked for anybody's sign per se. We just always got to ask about our birthdays and that's how I would know. Unless the person opposite me is interested in zodiacs too, I do not really bring out the topic initially. 

Jun 3, 10:23AM EDT0
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