Holly Corbella-Adult toy and product specialist-AMA

Holly Geneieve
May 10, 2018

I am the CEO of Parties By Bellas an in-home adult party company. We sell bath & body products, Massage items an adult toys. Our parties are educational and a ton of fun.  Feel free to check out our site an ask me any questions you may have. These are great for couples or solo play. Thanks again and look forwarding to hearing from you. www.partiesbybellas.com


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What should everyone be looking for in the adult toy section in the coming years?
May 15, 10:10AM EDT0

Oh wow this is a tough one. Weekly they come out with new items. It seems like they are starting to coming out with toys that do it themselves and are also vocal. That is what I am noticing. www.partiesbybellas.com

May 15, 11:43AM EDT0
Where can people find the schedule for the upcoming party?
May 15, 2:37AM EDT0

Parties are done at preples homes. So if you have a consultant local to you we can make that happen. Or we can do a private Facebook or Skype live party. We also do large events but those are different than Parties. Please email me for the event schedule.  bellasromance@aol.com and also feel free to check our website www.partiesbybellas.com

May 15, 11:42AM EDT0
What are some of the most exotic devices from across the internet?
May 14, 8:53PM EDT0

Some of my favs are the ones that can be controlled via APP anywhere in the world. It’s a ton of fun. But we literally have something for everyone. www.partiesbybellas.com

May 15, 1:20AM EDT0
Did you have the support of your surroundings, or did they think that your project was not a good idea, and why?
May 12, 7:06PM EDT0

I did have the support of my family an friends. They all thought it was a great idea. I am have been blessed. www.partiesbybellas.com

May 13, 12:44AM EDT0
Have you ever found yourself just moments away from qutting the efforts of launching your project, and if so, why?
May 12, 8:05AM EDT0

Oh of course. I hit many roadblocks when I was trying to start my business. But I would just step back and remember it was my dream. Then I’d suck it up an keep going. If a small bump in the road stops ya then you weren’t 100% in it. Please check us out www.partiesbybellas.com

May 12, 11:36AM EDT0
What part of the procedure that led to launching the business was the most obscure and most difficult to overcome when first coming to face this process?
May 12, 6:40AM EDT0

Insurence. It was very hard to find someone to insure what I do. They all said it was a huge liability for me to go in peoples homes an what I sell. But I finally found someone who knew what they were doing and it wasn’t such a big deal after all. www.partiesbybellas.com

May 12, 11:37AM EDT0
Did you have to go through some legal filters and procedures to successfully launch your business?
May 12, 5:25AM EDT0

Not really. I chose to get insurence but there was nothing I had to legally do. Oh I also got a LLC but That is simple. www.partiesbybellas.com

May 12, 11:38AM EDT0
What was your worst experience in attempting to launch your business?
May 11, 11:19PM EDT0

Getting insurence. People are so closed minded they would hear what I was selling and be like no no, I have to deal with it on a daily basis but it’s worth it. www.partiesbybellas.com

May 12, 11:41AM EDT0
How did you get the idea of starting this kind of business in particular?
May 11, 7:58PM EDT0

I worked for a company that did the same thing. When they sold out to the competitors I didn’t want to be part of that company so I started my own. But I hear it’s hard to decide on a business to start. www.partiesbybellas.com

May 12, 11:40AM EDT0
Are there any funny anecdotes you gladly remember from throughout your work?
May 11, 11:53AM EDT0
Would you describe your project as successful, and did the result meet your expectations?
May 11, 10:44AM EDT0

February was just one year so we have a long way to go. I think we are doing great. www.partiesbybellas.com

May 11, 12:01PM EDT0
What advice would you give to young enterpreneurs like towards eliminating potential competition on the market and being different among all the other brands of the similar kind?
May 11, 10:32AM EDT0

Well you can’t look to eliminate compition. You don’t want to waste time an energy towards that. You want to just show people how an why they need your product. Use your product, love your product let people see you using it.  You also need to be personable.  get to know your customers. Check us out www.partiesbybellas.com

May 11, 11:58AM EDT0
What are your main plans for the further development of your business?
May 11, 8:21AM EDT0

Well as just made a commercial that is on local TV. We are just slowly expanding by going to networking events and Being out as often as possible. www.partiesbybellas.com

May 11, 8:33AM EDT0
How do you make sure the toys you make are safe and working propperly?
May 11, 6:32AM EDT0

So we do not make the toys. We have a distributors we get the items from. As for working properly we test items before we start to sell them. And we hahs warrenties on most items. Check us out www.partiesbybellas.com

May 11, 8:31AM EDT0
If you had the opportunity to expand the production of your creations, what would you add to your services?
May 10, 11:23PM EDT0

I would like to get more people to join to expand nationwide. We have an amazing  distributor and I add products monthly . Check us out www.partiesbybellas.com

May 11, 1:04AM EDT0
In what ways do you think your services could improve and expand?
May 10, 10:37PM EDT0

 I think if we got out more and more able to get into more states  we would be able to expand.  and I think our products improve relationships between couples as well as solo play .  Please check out our site  www.partiesbybellas.com

May 11, 1:05AM EDT0
Did you ever think of giving up, and if yes, what led you through that difficult period?
May 10, 6:26PM EDT0

 Of course.  Just most recently this Monday I walked into my office to a pipe leaking and destroyed everything. All my inventory , all of my shipping supplies literally everything you can think of. But it will make me stronger because I want this more than anything. 

May 11, 1:06AM EDT0
May 11, 1:06AM EDT0
What are the risks you had faces when starting your business, having in mind that launching something different is always tricky?
May 10, 5:52PM EDT0

Haha good one. Always a risk when starting your own business.  Trying to get insurance was definitely tough.  The business that I run there always be issues with people understanding . There will always be  obsticals  but I love it so much it’s work it.... www.partiesbybellas.com

May 11, 1:08AM EDT0
What are the most popular of your services among the customers?
May 10, 10:10AM EDT0

We do in home adult parties. They are fun as well as educational. We promote ourselves for couples, coed, lgbt and ladies event but the majority are ladies nights in. Women tend to book us more often as. Way to get away from everyday stress. They get a babysitter an kick out the spouse to have a fun night in with friend. We create a safe space for you to talk about Sex an other things most of the time you wouldn’t talk about.  Please check out our site www.partiesbybellas.com

May 10, 11:30AM EDT0
What was your biggest “breakthrough”, in a sense of anything really setting your business in motion?
May 10, 8:26AM EDT0

Social media is a huge outlet. Luckily I worked for another company before I started this one. So once I opened the doors I was able to reach out to previous Clients to let them know I was back with a new company. Also networking and just getting out promoting myself in the community. Check us out online www.partiesbybellas.com

May 10, 11:32AM EDT0
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