Having trouble in your relationship or having trouble finding the one? AMA, I will be provide the answer.

Sep 7, 2017

Well in most relationships that go wrong we tend to ask the question "why" or "whose fault it is" well i've got answers for you that i believe will help you. We ask why to know what went wrong, or what did i do wrong, why did he or she cheats, etc. maybe you were having a great relationship and withing the line a partner start chnaging. AMA. and I will provide you with reasonable answers. You may also be goin through some bad breakup. there is also the questions of "why". If you really want to know I got answers for you. maybe you still in your realtionship but the sex is getting worst as days goes by and you want to fix it, great, AMA I have got solutions that you will want to try them out.


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What are your thoughts on cousins getting together (specifically second cousins)? Asking for a friend.

Sep 7, 7:08PM EDT1

Hello there, Famili is family, no mater how close or extended the family is, cousins getting together is a concidered a sin to God and Man, so I see no reason why two cousins will fall inlove and thinking of getting together, I know sometimes you could be used to your cousin till it gets to the point where you think you are in love with him or her, that is not love, that is LUST. you have to learn to control your emotions and limit the way you interact with your cousin of the opposite sex.


hope it helps.

Sep 8, 11:22AM EDT1

I was thinking the same thing.

Sep 8, 7:59PM EDT0

Are you offering advice for singles or couples?

Sep 7, 2:38PM EDT1

Yes I do .

Sep 8, 11:22AM EDT1

What books do you recommend for improving ones sex life?

Sep 7, 12:47PM EDT1

What do you base your advice on? 

Sep 7, 11:50AM EDT1

keeping a long lasting and trusting relationship

Sep 8, 11:28AM EDT1

I recently encountered someone who asked if it was okay for her to cheat on her boyfriend with her boss to get a promotion in order to earn more money and save them from financial hardships. What is your take on this? Do you think that there's an underlying problem to the relationship that isn't actually financial hardship?

Sep 7, 9:40AM EDT1

cheating for a promotion is no excuse, that worsen the situation as that can't guarantee your boyfriend to ever forgive you, and what guarantee do you have that your boss won't come asking for more? will you say no, or continue cheating because you want to keep the position?

Sep 8, 11:33AM EDT1

If my partner cheated on me, should I forgive him or let him go? I wouldn't know if I could trust him again.

Sep 7, 7:32AM EDT1

Hello there,

most relationships are built on trust, if you didn"t love him enough to trust him the first time, then there is no guarantee that even if he comes clean and promise never to cheat again, even after accepting him back, you will never trust him or will still find it hard to trust him or believe him.

thanks and hope it helps.

Sep 8, 11:37AM EDT1

Would you suggest I give it a try then as I feel he is the love of my life? 

Sep 8, 6:36PM EDT0

We both go out a lot but since having a baby I feel it's not necessary anymore as I don't get enough sleep as it is. Unfortunately my husband still wants to party every night and I feel I have to pull all the weight. Any tips?

Sep 7, 6:28AM EDT1

Do you have facebook or twitter that I can follow?

Sep 7, 6:26AM EDT0

Are you a psychologist?

Sep 7, 4:17AM EDT1

NO, I ain't

Sep 8, 11:38AM EDT1

I'm 67, am I too old to start a relationship? My family keeps telling me I'm better off on my own.

Sep 7, 2:30AM EDT0

My husband can't for his life see similarities between situations that happened previously and situations that happen at present. When I try and explain using the previous things (that he eventually understood and agreed to!) as example, he accuses me of always bringing up the past. It's exhausting because how else can I make him see that it's the same situation but different time?

Sep 7, 2:14AM EDT1

Hello madame,

for a start no one likes being reminded about the past especially when they know they were wrong and didn't accept and no one likes being compared to another especially on relationship matters. So always bringing that up it's like annoying, maybe all he wants is a little appreciation for the things he got right and a little nodge to see reasons of changing for the good of your Marriage.

thanks and hope it helps

Sep 8, 11:55AM EDT1
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I have been celibate within a marriage for 5 years and was widowed two years ago.. now I have met a wonderful man and want to be intimate. Should I tell him that it is very special to me because I waited this long?

Sep 6, 10:30PM EDT1

If you trust him alot and know he ain't the "show off" type then i see no  reason why you should't teel me, I say so because some guys after hearing that that, they turn to think you need them more than they need you and start changing in behaviour because they know you will always be around for them. what you are feeling now is what i call weakness in relationship, He can defininetly use that against you any time. and you will find yourself forgiving him always.

Sep 8, 12:00PM EDT0

Thank you, I will keep this in mind

Sep 8, 5:14PM EDT0

Are you a trained psychologist?

Sep 6, 9:48PM EDT1

NO, sorry I am not.

Sep 8, 12:01PM EDT0

Can long distance relationships work?

Sep 6, 8:43PM EDT1

Hello there.

The essence of being in a relationship si to be with a partner, statistic has proven that 90% of long distance relationship donot last, there must be ups and downs, and a question of trust, e.g what are you doin now?, who are you with?, who spoke behind you? etc. So keeping a long distant relationship depends on the level of love and trust you have for your partner and the durability of how apart you will be away from each other.

Sep 8, 12:06PM EDT1

Have you personally ever been in a long distance relationship and how was it? 

Sep 8, 4:28PM EDT0

What qualifications do you have to make me take your advice seriously?

Sep 6, 8:28PM EDT0

Do you counsel gay couples?

Sep 6, 7:47PM EDT0

My boyfriend says I'm nagging or I lecture him and I don't mean to. How can I stop it?

Sep 6, 7:34PM EDT1

What is your definition of "The perfect relationship"?

Sep 6, 7:17PM EDT0

Are you currently in a healthy relationship?

Sep 6, 7:07PM EDT0

Where are you from?

Sep 6, 5:49PM EDT0
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