Dating advice that will prove beneficial for ANY situation. I am a social expert. AMA

Sep 18, 2017

Dear friends it is not science. In fact it is extremely simple as long as you are engaged in the moment.

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Anxiety and uncertainty will disappear within the first minute of contact. I am here to share with you real life experiences and tips that will promptly change your perspective on the legends and myths of dating.

Feel free to ask anything you like and keep in mind that your curiosity is always right. There are no silly questions here just expired insecurities that have left you numb or inactive .

Let's make this a trending topic full of Interesting insights.


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Isn't it just hard work when you date someone from a different culture? It is all fun and different at the beginning but then you start running into family issues, differences in intersts and traditions and then with kids - even worse! Shouldn't people just stick to what is close?

Sep 19, 5:07AM EDT0

Hahaha I like the way youexpress your train of thought !

Personally I found my self adapting to the Asian culture just fine when I was dating an Asian for almost two years. 

I think you need to let go of national or cultural barriers and instead be willing to learn the reason behind their behaviour :)

Sep 19, 10:50AM EDT0

Do you think there are triats based on nationality/origins (Scandinavians are cold, Italians are passionate etc)?

Sep 19, 4:21AM EDT0

We do have a core from which we operate but not in such extremes. Cultures do affect personality but not shape them!

Sep 19, 10:47AM EDT0

What is the most common mistake people make when dating?

Sep 19, 3:30AM EDT0

Investment too much emotion on the first few dates and inflating the other person's image with an meaning of importance that is Mon existent.

This destroys spontaneity and you lose all the fun out of it !

Sep 19, 10:45AM EDT0

What are your qualifications and where did you study?

Sep 18, 12:44PM EDT0

My studies revolved around the psychological vicinity and then evolved Into artistic studies which took place in San Francisco, USA. 

I will not give you the list of degrees or seminars I have attended since this is not the point t of this AMA but feel free to ask anything related to the subject! :^)

Sep 18, 3:12PM EDT0

How do you make sure that people on the site are real?

Sep 18, 11:38AM EDT0

It takes a keen eye for someone to start noticing the game profiles. 

Video goals are a great way to make sure you are talking to the actual person they claim to be. A

Also Sharing pictures with each other that have a certain theme or gestures you have both set. 

Also try reverse Google image search, if you do not know how to do that... Just google it !! Haha

Sep 18, 3:13PM EDT0

How can you overcome religious differences within a relationship?

Sep 18, 12:01AM EDT0

Religion is to be respected. 

I am not religious (I believe in my own god :p) but I think that is it one of those last artifacts of individuality so just let the other person believe on what he wants to believe in and ask the same from him 

Sep 18, 11:01AM EDT0
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Why do people lie on their dates to make themselves more important?

Sep 17, 8:44PM EDT0

Because they want you to like them and they are not confident or comfortable with who they are. 

They know you have no idea so they can make their dreams tangible for a few hours. 

We will talk more about that !

Sep 18, 11:09AM EDT0
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Are you in a relationship or married?

Sep 17, 8:05PM EDT0

I am actually in a relationship !! :D 

Sep 18, 11:00AM EDT0
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Are you on facebook or twitter so I can follow you?

Sep 17, 4:33PM EDT0

Yes ! You can follow me @ManneyEm . I will also be making a YouTube channel soon answering all your questions there ! 

Sep 17, 5:43PM EDT0
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What warning signs should I watch out for when I meet someone new?

Sep 17, 3:21PM EDT0

Keep an eye out for a fixed personality, a person that only mentions himself and is not involved in a conversation unless it is about him .

In short , self centered people are usually those that will cause the most harm because you will not know who they are for quite a while.

Do not forget that this post does not reset or overwrite your individual judgement. Your own criteria pays a huge part on how you perceive the other person. 

Trust your instincts if he/she is good...well then push a little further !

Sep 17, 5:41PM EDT0
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How do you think the technological advancements will change dating experiences in the near future? 

Sep 17, 1:54PM EDT0

Wow that is an interesting question . 

To briefly explain this one, 

Expect to experience a lot of akward interaction with people and lack of character in their first dates. 

Due to our era we have all create much more unique and genius characters however that is never enough so it always takes a little longer to put our originality on display. 

Online dating will bring a lot more people together but slightly delay the process of true connection which might lead to a few unfortunate misshaps. (People that were great for each other but did not express themselves)

When it all becomes so easy it is also a little to materialistic as well . 

Sep 17, 5:48PM EDT0

I'm 5 months pregnant and I met a guy, do you think it's appropriate to date someone when you're pregnant?

Sep 17, 11:58AM EDT0

Wow that is wonderful !! 

Well ask yourself these questions:

1. Am I currently with another man ? 

2. Is this person going to psychologically affect my pregnancy in a negative way

3. Does he know I am pregnant and is he Willing to accept that ? 

You are trying to bring a person in your life and that is amazing just make sure the importance of your pregnancy does lose primary focus . 

Sep 17, 5:51PM EDT0
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How important is communication in a relationship and what if my partner doesn't want to communicate?

Sep 17, 9:19AM EDT0

The right question is "why even begin a relationship without communication?"

If you are not willing to offer to connect intellectually with the other , do you think sex is going to make it all better?

Sure for a month or two but then you are going to be installing tinder again . 

Talk, learn each other, fight productively , with meaning.


A debate were both sides can express their  thoughts and your other half is truly listening. 

Otherwise, if he/she is not willing to get into it, I am sorry but do not waste your time.  You are going to make it harder for yourself to let go of an emotional leecher.

Sep 17, 5:58PM EDT0
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I've met a complete psycho on a dating app, we met and he's truly nuts. He's now trying to stalk me, what should I do?

Sep 17, 7:13AM EDT0

Call the police

Inform people that are close to you

Try to politely explain to him he is scaring you. 

This matters need delicate attention since I cannot know what is going on inside his head.

Please share more

Sep 17, 6:00PM EDT0
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Is it wrong to sleep with someone on the first date?

Sep 17, 6:19AM EDT0

Well...hello there, Taboo!

You are you,

You do you. 

If you are both ok with it go for it just make sure you do not YOLO your way out of every date.

Let's try to maintain an appropriate level of respect for ourselves and how easily we are fully given to others. 

Sep 17, 6:01PM EDT0
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Do you believe that no one is out of anyone's league?

Sep 17, 6:06AM EDT0

Yes sir, 

It is all character. 

If you are an alpha male with the mind of a frog she is going to prefer a hairy intellectual tummy. 

Looks are obviously your ticket to the first date. It applies to everything. Dating,job, auditions you name it. 

In the long run however, it is what we utter with our precious mouth. 

NO ONE is out of your league

Sep 17, 6:04PM EDT0

How many relationships are 'normal' do you think?

Sep 17, 4:49AM EDT0

I couldn't say there is ever too many but please do not consider everything a relationship. 

It takes at least a couple of months with another person to out such a tag!! :D

Sep 18, 10:59AM EDT0

How often is it normal to want sex?

Sep 17, 2:18AM EDT0

Everyday is normal,

Every second is a little problematic but hey once or twice a day is actually beneficial!

Do not put a limit unless there are other responsibilities you put aside for that matter. 

This is when it starts to deteriorate you and it becomes more of an addiction. 

More on this one soon ! 

Sep 17, 6:30PM EDT0

I have absolutely no sexual desire, it frustrates me and my partner - what is wrong with me? 

Sep 18, 6:49PM EDT0

Is there a formula for finding the right date?

Sep 17, 12:53AM EDT0

Get out there 

Get experiences

Evaluate them.

Find out what kind of people attracted you the most and learn as you go. 

It takes a little looking around I guess isn't it just amazing finding out what a new person is all about ? 

Sep 17, 6:32PM EDT0
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What do you think about the program 'Married at first sight'?

Sep 17, 12:52AM EDT0

Hello Michael,

There's one majoe thing you did not take into account : When you are talking about marriage, you also involve yourself with legal issues.

Married at first sight is an irresponsibility caused by a rushes decision to finally find something perfect. 

One that is never going to happen and you will lower your chances even further by committing to someone without a way out. 

Try dating, not putting your financial and psychological life at risk (haha) 

Last edited @ Sep 17, 5:36PM EDT.
Sep 17, 5:36PM EDT0
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