Author of 4 women-centric bestsellers, speaker at Fortune 500 companies, Brand consultant, Founder, TGILF, India's only Regional Literature festival, Rock, Jazz and Blues enthusiast, a Cofee addict. AMA and let me disrupt your world.

Amit Shankar
Mar 11, 2018

They are wired intricately and therefore they need a different approach. If you ever approach WOMAN after reading "25 Ways to Impress them" "Table to Bed in 7 days" let me assure you, you will be alone watching the soccer game. 

Let me help you in understanding then, deciphering them and making them come after you rather than the other way around.



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How important is it for individuals in a relationship to maintain their own separate identity?
Mar 18, 9:05AM EDT1
If you received a salary to follow whatever passion you wanted to, what would you do?
Mar 18, 6:39AM EDT0
What’s the most disheartening and heartening realization you have come to with regard to relationships?
Mar 18, 4:08AM EDT0
What is something you wish you could say to people but can not?
Mar 18, 2:33AM EDT0
How frequent do you go on dates? Would you say that your advice to others works on you as well?
Mar 13, 3:19PM EDT0

The basics are always the same. Who would not like and appreciate honesty, expressive eyes, intelligent communication and a no-nonsense attitude?

Mar 15, 5:44AM EDT0

What’s your professional background like? What is your current full time job?

Mar 13, 2:15AM EDT0

An awarded copywriter and creative director, have worked with top advertising agencies and brands and have contributed towards Branding, Marketing Communication and creating some memorable advertising. Currently, a full-time writer who runs a brand consultancy along with trying to revive literature. 

Mar 15, 12:56AM EDT0
How did you become interested in offering dating advice?
Mar 12, 2:29PM EDT0

Dating and Branding advise are similar. Both need to work in a phased manner and follow a sequence, AIDA for instance. The success of a date and brand hinges on successful communication, managing perception and creating the right expectations. Have managed mega brands; Nestle, GM, Cisco, Microsoft, WHO, to name a few with aplomb. Thought of extending my expertise to potential daters too. Mind you, the tips have proved to be effective.

Mar 15, 12:59AM EDT0
Is it easy for you to approach women and ask them out on dates?
Mar 12, 12:31PM EDT0

There lies the key. Asking never gets what you want. Engaging them holds the key to success. 

Mar 15, 1:00AM EDT0
Do you drink instant coffee too? Is it still effective in keeping you awake when you need to stay up for something important?
Mar 12, 9:14AM EDT0

You bet. I try it every day.

Mar 15, 1:00AM EDT0
Any tips you can share with aspiring authors?
Mar 11, 9:34PM EDT0

Write for the love of writing. Anything else is incidental. 

Mar 15, 1:01AM EDT0
Among all the hats you’ve worn and different careers you have, which one do you love the most?
Mar 11, 4:05PM EDT0


Mar 15, 1:01AM EDT0
What’s the best way to come up with an ideal branding strategy for a business?
Mar 11, 1:18PM EDT0

The question is complex so is the answer. There is no right or wrong strategy. It is contextual and depends on the Brand Ambition, Budget and goal, However, the success lies in managing 3 aspects; Selective Retention, Selective Perception and Selective Distortion.

Mar 15, 1:03AM EDT0
Do you personally try online dating websites and apps? Any recommendations?
Mar 11, 1:03PM EDT0

Nope. Real world for real people

Mar 15, 1:03AM EDT0

So you've had 4 best sellers, how does it feel and how did you achieve this?

Mar 11, 12:38PM EDT0

I write for the sheer joy of it. Writing is the part I enjoy the most and promotion, the one I hate. However, there has to be a mix of both. God has been kind along with the readers. From my side, I try to be honest; with my storyline, expression, and writing. And I never ever re-read or re-write. The first draft is what you get to read. I believe re-writing takes away the honesty as you start focusing on the sheen than the content.

Mar 15, 1:06AM EDT0
As a male author, why did you choose to write women-centric books?
Mar 11, 12:12PM EDT0

Deciphering a man is simple. Can't say the same about women. Deciphering her layers, shades, tones, variations, whims, reactions are so much challenging. And when they appreciate the writing, so much satisfying. Most of my women readers can not believe that the titles have been written by a man.

Mar 15, 1:08AM EDT0
What’s your favorite coffee brand? Do you believe “branded” coffee are just overrated and overpriced?
Mar 11, 9:58AM EDT0

I source them locally, from around the world, right from coffee plantations. Trust me, what you get from the plantation is beyond the imagination of any branded coffee. Have been lucky to source some exotic beans. If it comes to branded, Nespesso is my favorite. 

Mar 15, 1:10AM EDT0
What do you look for in women? How do you choose who to date?
Mar 11, 9:44AM EDT0

You can either date or advise. I do the latter. Having said that every woman is special in her own way. Don't rush into things. Wait for that moment, the right one. She is no trophy or match that you need to win. She is a woman, with heart and soul. 

Mar 15, 1:12AM EDT0
How do you make time for dating despite your busy schedule?
Mar 11, 8:40AM EDT0

Now all I do is date words while I'm writing or date my characters. However, my prior experience makes me one of the most sought-after 'Dating Gurus' 

Mar 15, 1:14AM EDT0
What are some of the top ways to impress women?
Mar 11, 3:36AM EDT0

That is a tricky one. And the answer is NONE. No one can impress a woman if she does not want to get impressed.  SO what is the catch? Well, a woman is a set of belief, attributes, conscious and subconscious value system. Anything that matches with her value system is an instant YES and anything against, a NO. That is why some women prefer tattoos while others detest them. Some prefer men who drink while the others hate. My advise: be your self, be honest, express with clarity, look inot her eyes and don't rish into things

Mar 15, 1:17AM EDT0
Who are some of your favorite musicians?
Mar 10, 5:56PM EST0

That is my favorite question.  Vintage Rock and Blues is my kind of music. Love Deep Purple, AC/DC, Jethrotull, Steve Vai, Led Zep, Satriani, Malmsteem, Eric Johnson, Judas Priest, Eric Clapton,  Mhavishnu and the list goes on

Mar 15, 1:19AM EDT0
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