Ask me anything about how I went from divorced to single & dating to finding my own happily ever after! You can do it too!! #DatingAMA

Suzie the Single Dating Diva
Feb 17, 2018

After a difficult breakup, it's challenging to trust again and to have hope in love again. I faced these same challenges, I thought I had bad luck in love, when, in reality, my luck was in my own hands.

I went from divorced to single & dating to finding my own happily ever after! There are things you can do to attract the love you desire as I did & flip your dating life upside-down. Ask me how! 

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What is your relationship like with your ex-husband now, was the divorce Amicable?
Feb 23, 3:40PM EST0
What made you interested in becoming a dating expert?
Feb 23, 3:12PM EST0

What is your escape strategy for when a date is going really badly?

Feb 22, 7:40PM EST0

Thank you for your question Zlata! If a first date is going really badly be honest and thank them for their time and go. Usually, a first date should be something simple and quick like a coffee or drink or a walk, this way you won't be there long anyway. 

Feb 23, 1:32PM EST0

What is the most challenging thing about being a dating expert?

Feb 21, 8:08PM EST0

Thank you for your question Aruccs! The most challenging thing about being a dating expert would have to be seeing all the pain and suffering so many people go through which results in a lot of baggage on their part standing in the way of them finding love. I wish I can help everyone but they first have to help themselves.

Feb 21, 8:16PM EST0

Did you have to wait until the divorce was finalized prior to dating again?

Feb 21, 8:06PM EST0

Thank you for your question Elizabeth! No, I didn't have to wait until my divorce was finalized to start dating again. I did, however, take my time meeting new people until I was emotionally ready.

Feb 21, 8:14PM EST0

Aside from being a dating expert, do you have another day job or do you do this full time?

Feb 21, 7:54PM EST0

Thanks for your question ManningKenneth! Aside from my dating coach work, I have been a personal marketing and communications consultant for almost 20 years. I'm also a media relations specialist. 

Feb 21, 7:57PM EST0

At the moment, have you already found a new partner? Do you plan on getting married again?

Feb 21, 12:53PM EST0

Thank you for your question Caitlyn! Yes, I did find my happily ever after and I am married again to my best match. It didn't happen right after my divorce, I took my time to meet the best person for me.

Feb 21, 2:05PM EST0

How can you be sure that your own happily ever after is really the one?

Feb 20, 6:09PM EST0

Thank you for your question JohnLouis! You can never be 100% certain but I do know that I am happy and so is my husband. We also are open and honest with each other and communicate well together. We discuss problems and solve them, together. No relationship is perfect but with a strong foundation, lots of love and the willingness to make it work we have our happily ever after.

Feb 20, 7:49PM EST0

Did you go to a therapist or a marriage coach first before deciding to go through a divorce?

Feb 20, 5:43PM EST0

Thank you for your question RGL! Yes, before deciding to separate and then divorce we went to a marriage therapist. Sometimes some relationship and problems are not reparable. For some relationships ending is the best decision. That was the case for us.

Feb 20, 7:47PM EST0

How to start dating again after a bad break up?

Feb 20, 4:30PM EST0

Thank you for your question Kamaagne! When you're ready you'll know, just make sure to allow yourself the time to heal and not jump seriously into anything right away. Take it slow and try your best to have fun. Baby steps :) 

Feb 20, 7:44PM EST0

How long should you wait to date after divorce?

Feb 19, 4:39AM EST0

Thank you for your question Vukica! Every person is different but I would say whenever you feel you are ready. Just take it slow and manage your expectations. Most importantly of all have fun!

Feb 19, 10:51AM EST0

Do you prefer coaching women or can you share dating tips with men too?

Feb 18, 12:18PM EST0

Thank you for your question Patrick! I have both women and men clients and readers so I'm comfortable helping both women and men attract the love they desire.

Feb 19, 10:49AM EST0

How long should a couple wait before deciding it’s time to get married?

Feb 18, 9:50AM EST0

Thank you for your question Hermajani! Every couple is different, some couples need longer than others. I would give it at least 6 months to get to know the other person well before deciding.

Feb 19, 10:48AM EST0

How long does a divorce recovery take?

Feb 18, 2:02AM EST0

Thank you for your question Adrienne! Divorce recovery is different for different people depending on the circumstances of the divorce. When a split is an amicable one, recovery takes less time but when there was betrayal and hurt involved then recovery takes longer. Each person should take all the time they need to heal, especially before entering another serious relationship.

Feb 18, 7:35AM EST0

After a divorce, would you still believe in marriage again and recommend it to other couples?

Feb 18, 12:19AM EST0

Thank you for your question Gilbert! I do believe in marriage again after divorce, I am remarried now. However, I think you need to make sure you're ready and you've forgiven and let go of your past before entering into any new relationship.

Feb 18, 7:33AM EST0

If luck is in your own hands, does this mean couple always have a choice to stay together? After all, you fell in love for a reason in the first place?

Feb 17, 11:42PM EST0

Thank you for your question Richristian! Everyone always has a choice but circumstances and people change. Love isn't enough to make a marriage. Love is the pretty packaging but it takes respect, trust, honesty, hard work to make a marriage work.

Feb 18, 7:32AM EST0

What are some of the most common reasons couples break up or decide to divorce?

Feb 17, 7:40PM EST0

Thank you for your question Mariajota! People end their relationship for many reasons. Studies have shown, however, that money and different values top the list of reasons why people divorce. In the end, the couple just isn't happy together for whatever reason. Marriages are hard work and it takes both to make it work.

Feb 18, 7:30AM EST0

What is the most difficult part of going through a divorce?

Feb 17, 7:32PM EST0

Thank you for your question Hinagy! The most difficult part of going through a divorce would have to be the realization that sometimes regardless of how hard you try you can't make things work out. Also the loss of trust.

Feb 18, 7:28AM EST0

What are the common signs of a bad relationship? How do you end such type of relationship?

Feb 17, 4:17PM EST0

Thank you for your question, Emma! The most common signs of a bad relationship are if you feel unhappy and unfulfilled. Unless there is abuse, then you should communicate with your partner and try to resolve things and if it doesn't resolve at that point or there is an unwillingness to resolve things, then just walk away.

Feb 17, 7:02PM EST0

How do you know if it’s time for a divorce or if you could still work things out?

Feb 17, 3:56PM EST0

Thank you for your question Jason71! Unless there is abuse, you always try and communicate, get therapy and try and work things out. If you've done everything you could and you are ready to move on, then you know it's time. But you need to at least try.

Feb 17, 7:03PM EST0