#AMA : Valentine's Day is around the corner , ask me anything as a dating and relationship coach! #askRenee

Renee Slansky
Feb 7, 2018

Februray 14th is always a little bit of a love hate sort of day . Whilst couples get to indulge in love , single can feel lonely or a little frustrated. Do you want to know how to bring the spark back into your relationship? Or maybe how to even celebrate the day as a single? Do you struggle with showing love to your partner? Ask me what you want to know so we can use this Hallmark holiday as a chance to enrich our love lives. 

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What would be your idea of a perfect Valentine's Day?

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Feb 13, 5:19PM EST0

What are your views on one night stnads? 

Feb 8, 8:48AM EST0

Why is self-love so important in your relationships with another person?

Feb 7, 10:04AM EST0

What it’s like as a single woman in this world of dating apps. Is it scary? Do you recommend it to women who are looking for the right man?

Feb 7, 9:31AM EST0

Do you think marriage has value in today's time? What do you think are the positives and negatives of marriage today?

Feb 7, 8:37AM EST0

When did you have the idea to use your relationship know-how to help others?

Feb 7, 4:35AM EST0

What did you discover about relationships being an experienced couple therapist and coach?

Feb 7, 4:26AM EST0

What do you think is the number one contributor to relationship problems?

Feb 6, 2:52PM EST0

I would say unmet expectations , poor communication and basing choice off feelings instead of a mindset of commitment ...sorry couldn't give one!

Feb 7, 2:18AM EST0

What services do you offer to your clients?

Feb 6, 12:32PM EST0

I have two online programmes for women , and I do 1-2-1 coahcing for both men and women.

I offer them the chance to have alifestyle change that encourages a healthy relationship , not just a quick fix!

Feb 7, 2:19AM EST1

What is your universal definition of love?

Feb 6, 11:29AM EST0

Good question! I think it is differnt for everyone, as there are the 3 types of love and of course 5 love languages. Plus the bible gives a description of love in 1 Cor 13. 

For me love is god. But love is also feeling valued. :)

Feb 7, 2:20AM EST0

Can you describe your typical customers and what’s their biggest problem?

Feb 6, 11:12AM EST0

My ' typical ' customer are women between 31- 45 who have either been married before or looking to get married. They struggle with toxic self sabotaging patterns and need to focus on self love , understanding relationship standards and men and building confidence again. Their transformations are incredible!

Feb 7, 2:24AM EST0

What are your recommendations for things to do on Valentine’s Day to newly singles?

Feb 6, 10:50AM EST0

I have just put a video  blog up on this : 

Have fun and spoil yourself !

Feb 7, 2:23AM EST0

Do you think marriage still has value in our modern society? What do you think are the pluses and minuses of marriage today?

Feb 6, 10:40AM EST0

Absoluetly it does! Time doesn't have to change our values if we protect them . Marriage is a mindset not just an act . It is a lifetime commitment and I think in this world where people are always half in half out depebding what suits them ... marriage is a bold statement! 

Feb 7, 2:28AM EST0

How long should you date before getting married?

Feb 6, 9:36AM EST0

As long as you like until you know that this is the person you can build your life with. A year at least means you have gone through 4 seasons together... but the honey moon period usually wears off after 2 years , so if you can thrive beyond that then it's a solid foundation. 

Feb 7, 2:17AM EST0

What are your top 5 tips to put the sparkle back in a long-term relationship?

Feb 6, 9:09AM EST0

1: Date one another - don't ever stop trying to win each other over .( have a date night once a week )

2:  Learn their love language and prioritise it each day. 

3: Speak affirmations and compliments to each other. 

4: Set a goal together so it creates unity and forces you to work together.

5: Talk to each other , really talk. 

Feb 7, 2:16AM EST0

How do you market your business and reach new customers/clients?

Feb 6, 7:50AM EST0

I use social media , email and paid marketing funnels :) 

Feb 7, 2:14AM EST0

What is the best way to end a long-term relationship?

Feb 6, 1:16AM EST0

Through a face to face conversation , a ling term relationship deserves the respect of a proper conversation in privacy . 

Feb 7, 2:14AM EST0

In your experience as a dating and relationship coach, what was your greatest challenge?

Feb 6, 1:12AM EST0

I would knowing that helping people who don't want to be helped. People will come to me wanting answers , I will give them the solutions but then they will make up excuses and not do any of them!

Feb 7, 2:13AM EST0

When writing an online dating profile, what are the most common mistakes that people make?

Feb 5, 1:45PM EST0

The most common mistakes are : 

- choosing the wrong profile picture - eg; can't see the eyes , multiple people in the photo or something too suggestive. 

- Writing too much or not enough and then throwing in cheesy lines.

- Giving an essay on who you are and what you want instead of keeping it light and clear . 

Feb 7, 2:12AM EST0

How to determine if you are in the right relationship and your partner is the Right One?

Feb 5, 11:09AM EST0

two things: Peace and Progress :) 

Feb 7, 2:10AM EST0